• bobbycneis 23w

    The song my heart wrote

    I want to fall asleep with you so you can supply my dreams
    and I hope your kiss wakes me to explain what love really means
    I could end each day on the brightest of notes
    and your voice could be the song that my heart wrote
    calendar capturing 12 different beautiful sunsets
    but yours is the Polaroid picture that will always remain the best
    And i stayed awake to view the sun From Dusk Till Dawn
    and Midway I turned to see the reason why I knew love would come
    sunshine and Twilight until the stars are hung high
    And the scars I see exposed in your eyes when you cry
    smile real for me because all I need is to lay by your side
    and no matter where yesterday goes, today I'll love you till the end of time.