• sagarikadas_ 6w

    Shooting Stars

    I'm sitting here and falling in love like stars,
    And in the end I'll disappear if my sun is lost.
    Even though I'll always be pretty as you say,
    But in the last I want to be called as yours.
    This life in a big city is called nice,
    But it'll be happy if you'll be right next to me.
    I'm trying to do all my favorite things,
    But you're the thought that always wins.
    I want you to stay but it isn't a fairytale,
    So I'm just going to enjoy till it lasts.
    But you'll be always the one I'll crave,
    So I'm going to celebrate each day that I can.
    No one said it'll be easy and it's been long,
    And all I'm left with, are memories of yours.
    But I'll always wish for you to be well,
    Because my love for you was a lumineer.
    Like stars that helps in dark to see,
    Our love will keep my heart to glee.
    And one day if I meet you again,
    I want to be an exemption not a liability to hold on.
    For my love I was a shooting star,
    That disappeared with Dawn in sight.