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    Chasing (part-5)

    Waiting is the worst thing anyone could do!
    And waiting for him to accept my friend request was very much annoying. One more thing was making me concerned was that, will he accept my virtual friendship proposal? Will he recognize me? Will he ever accept me? And with all these thoughts i took a nap. The tension of that friend request was very critical, much more critical then anything going around the globe!
    With all those thoughts racing in my mind i heard 2 notifications one after the other.
    Trust me for the reaction i am going to tell you right now!
    I was littrally jumping on my bed at 1:00am at night, carelessly with a tension free mode. Without caring about my younger brother sleeping next to me who woke up because of those elephant jumps and scolded me to sleep!
    " oh my gawd, oh my god, oh my god"!
    He was there. He accepted the friend request. And then i read the second notification.
    He sent me a text.
    I opened the chat box and the message was," hey miss sinha".
    His message proved everything. I was in doubt if he really notices me or not but his message cleared my doubts.

    I didnt showed my surname on facebook (sinha) but still he messaged miss sinha which was a sign! A sign of his attention for me!
    I was feeling the whole zoo inside me!
    Everything was feeling soooooo special!

    Chasing him was really a great fun‚̧
    We talked and talked and talked the whole night!
    He was a nice guy, with his looks and thoughts & this made me to fall for him!