• makhfi_ 36w

    In love with Riot

    From the past few days, Aurangabad, the great historic city, is burning. According to reports, the reason is communal violence. Violence has killed 2 people. Many are injured. Public property has been disturbing. Internet is off from past few days. This is exam period, there is hindrance to take exams means waste of precious time. Small vendors didn't work means no earning for them. And most important there is continuous fear in the mind of people living in the city.

    So, who is ultimate sufferers of this riot ?

    Answer is common man.

    No political party is suffering. They are ultimate winner because they are able to polarised society for there own benefit and win seats in the election.

    Riot is political weapons to gain support. Country is in the election mode for the next one year. So they will use this option regularly. For that they can use everything including religion and caste as said by Karl Marx, " Religion is opium of masses".

    Be aware of this technique and take care.