• madhumita_bhowmick 8w


    It's not the same anymore.
    We hardly meet.
    But there's peace at the memory
    From the food joints we use to eat.
    Those were the days,
    We laughed a lot.
    Now I relive the days
    We cried after we fought.
    We hardly get time
    To even text to know
    Whether that "Friend" is fine
    Or if he is feeling low.
    Time has changed
    With some we aren't friends anymore
    Some people we even needed
    To accompany us till the store.
    "There's a friend for every phase"
    Some might stay whole life
    Some will leave midway
    And some might stab without a knife.
    But all of them are important
    During every course of time
    Happy Friendship Day to all.
    And I ran out of words that can rhyme