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    Lets skate a decade back in time,
    To unlock a best kept secret of mine,
    Being a fresher in the first year of my junior college,
    I perceived it to be the most crucial time to set my image.

    Cherry on the cake was the problem of peer pressure,
    Every hand held a trendy phone, to flaunt, for sure.
    Since, they were the initial days of the academic year,
    I was hesitant to demand a phone from dad, out of fear.

    Somehow, i mustered courage once, & pleaded him to grant,
    Being a strict discipline lover, he just nodded in disagreement ,
    The second best option left with me at my disposal,
    Was my mom, the only hammer to break the ice of denial.

    One morn, I found the latest model of Sony Ericsson by my bedside,
    Within a week's time, I too had a phone to show off in pride,
    But the catch here was, it came along with strict instructions,
    To be handled with care, rings & beeps shouldn't cause distractions.

    A day finally arrived, that got my heart in my throat,
    As my phone slipped from my hand in the middle of the road,
    But before i could bend to lift my little pocket buddy,
    A bike speeding ruthlessly had ran over it already.

    My heart pounded heavily ,eyes broadened with fear,
    The moment got me numb & rolled down a helpless tear,
    No sooner did the bike passed, I gathered the parts of my phone,
    Re-assembled them with quivering hands, in a parking zone.

    Amused to notice, not a single scratch on its screen,
    It worked as if ,through nothing great, it had been,
    Undoubtedly favourite, as it was my first phone, after i desired,
    But it stole my heart , the day, when it saved me from being badly fired.

    *Reshma kausar Mohideen*

    *Insta Handle: sword_of_word_86*

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