• akhi_jithin 10w


    The silence after(my) death,
    Seize the silent mutiny before.
    It's pure and sweet, for
    the one who crave the repose
    Feels the freshness of the first spring green
    Now ready for a feast
    After a long fasting..

    The carcass is now cold and bare,
    Dead heat with the castle in the air
    Besieged by the feigned tears,
    No more bluffing,
    Yet , another fragmented view.

    Now it's time to take
    The remnants of an insolent heart
    Confessed after a long desolation
    Tried to tame the fragile joys,
    bitterly failed to share the solemn dreams,
    Moved nimbly
    Without any fuss…...