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    Blames... They just kill us from inside.... The blames which are true they to make us feel guilty... But the blames which are false harm us... ����

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    Blames will make me free

    I grown up watching the world growing wide
    Here everyone supports Thier own side
    Sometimes they don't think about their own groom or bride
    They just want to have themselves a safe ride

    This world is very glorious
    Here nature and its monuments are very gorgeous
    But damage to nature is very serious
    And here I'm anxious

    The person whom I loved curiously
    Has been by hater very seriously
    He hurts me very badly
    Always I just cry when he insults me Impertinently

    Whenever I asked him the reason behind this hate
    He just said me the reason that I wanted us to date
    Yes, Today he wants to send me away from his state
    And now I accepted that this was my fate

    The person who likes me with no condition
    Made me the reason
    For his unforgettable addiction
    And now he says, he feels a Affection

    The person who has been cheated by my freind
    Blames me for their end
    Blaming me is now a trend
    Even now I'm not safe on my land

    I'm blamed by my freinds for Thier fight
    I am not able to react at that sight
    I blame myself and think that they are right
    And this makes me cry every night

    The blames on me are something eerie
    What I was and what I'm now u see
    I don't still wish to get hung on a tree
    Bcoz I know one day
    " Blames will make me Free___"