• unloved_poetries 6w

    In the colours of evening sky absorbed by the ocean waters and sky half painted ocean blue, I found happiness in two infinities reflecting each other's beauty at the end of a tiring day.

    In the drizzle and snow fall, when the raindrops and snowflakes dance with the wind, I found peace in watching them when I couldn't sleep.

    In the luminescence of stars and still moonlight, I found my companion in the darkness of nights.

    In the unrhymed poetries and broken quotes, I found myself residing in people I never met for a moment.

    In strangers and friends, I found a place to keep those ineffable thoughts that could slowly ruin me with time.

    In the vastness of this universe, I found myself a mere wanderer amongst the billion stars.
    cliche ik :D #daadisbae #wander @mirakee_ki_daadima
    Its a collab with @khanjaseera which I'm doing for the first time and I know it isn't that good..but I tried :)

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