• mmk_22 9w

    Dark and Hallow

    I give out signals but no one knows
    I stay silent upon an open window
    Watching the stars as if I wanted to be one
    But the light was too bright for my darken world
    Blinding my eyes so I could only see so far, they travel towards the ground wanting to mimic these tear drops that keep falling gently, nonstop.
    Thoughts, that's all it is.
    Thoughts that come from the emotions I feel.
    Emotions that were cut open and left to bleed out.
    That's all it is.
    But like I said, I gave out signals but still no one seem to knew the help I needed to persist.
    To survive nights like these..
    Dark, and hallow.
    Just wishing I would save us all by jumping right onto my shadow that lies underneath me and this old window
    Maybe then a star above I could be.
    To brighten up the world, when it's dark and hallow, you'll see.