• cute511teddy 5w

    Akashic Reading Guidance for Humans

    Since few days I have been getting downloads and attraction towards BhagwatGeeta. I am getting a message that we humans need to wake up. Something big is about to happen, something trying and testing. Shaking and waking up humanity. Humans need to raise up their frequency. As instruction manuals BhagwadGeeta has to be followed. We are called to stand up for right. The fight between Darker energies and lighter are happening and lighter side needs more soul assistance and energy. We are called out to spread this message as far as we can. Buy Geeta. Start reading and implementing it immediately. Use Mantras, Yoga, Meditation to raise collective consciousness. Each human raising his consciousness will impact this planet's frequency. Time is now. We cannot afford to wait any longer. Its more important than any ego.
    Once you all are done arranging, buying your Geeta. We shall start studying Geeta together.
    Whatsapp 9013255068 to get in touch or join broadcast list.
    Swati Bhardwaj
    Akashic And Tarot Reader.