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    Once in a while, bright thoughts sometimes secretes out of this dark mind.

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    Empty no more

    I take a taste and I'm full,
    I come to the immediate self realization that I never want to eat again, that my hunger has been quenched.
    Time will tell you that I am a hungry being in that over the course of it I have never truly been satisfied. I have longed for the day I can partake in a meal and not go elsewhere for seconds. To not be the person that leaves empty plates and disappointment wherever they choose to dine, I have longed to be the person that stays, cleans the dishes and packs them away neatly so that someone like me doesn't come along and destroy them with their reckless regard for repercussions.
    I take a taste and I am full,
    The sweet embibement of flavor ignites my taste buds into a dance, a subtle waltz where they exchange compliments and mingle with one another, my eyes open to view the world no longer black and white but multicolored each hue blending and transforming into beautiful bliss.
    I have tasted and I am full, your love has made me a person to behold and I shall live my life unsatisfied no more.