• benjaminlawhead 5w

    Reception of vacancy

    I am in love with a silent woman.
    her words are non existent but her eyes flow rapidly.
    it is within those big brown marbled eyes that she communicates.
    she may need not the petty small talk of her days events and
    she may not respond to everything I say.
    she doesn't posess the words my heart desires, but with those big, brown marbled eyes she talks to my soul.
    she may be a woman of very few words but her actions speak louder than the most magnified voice.
    she is a lover and she is a fighter,
    she is a beautiful woman and she deserves the moon.
    this is why I will spend the rest of my life building her a ladder.
    I can't guarantee I will finish, but I will never stop building the steps, getting her closer to what she deserves.