• thetorturedstories 5w

    Perks of being an Ambivert:

    Introverts enjoy their own company, they avoid gathering because it makes them anxious. Whereas extroverts need people around them all the time. They feel strange when they have to live alone. But being an ambivert is a fortunate thing. No matter you are with or without the people around you, in both cases, you are satisfied and relaxed.

    Introverts are good listeners and extroverts are good speakers but when you are an ambivert you can patiently listen to things and after acquiring good research, you can confidently perform things.

    You let people know only those things about you that you want to and people think they know everything about you.

    Ambiverts believe in enjoying every moment. They become comfortable within no time when they have to hang out with a crowd on a function or occasion. Also, they can alone go to a movie and enjoy it with popcorn and cold drinks.

    They can be so electrifying and the next moment the calmest person in the group.