• yonderly_virago 24w

    How others treat you depends partially on how you treat them and partially on how you treat yourself. If you're going to treat yourself like shit, at one point of time they will too. But if you treat yourself the way you deserve to be treated then they will too. This is why loving oneself plays an important role because it's not that you can't love a person who doesn't love themself but they constantly keep on self depreciating and you can put up with it to an extent but it's hard to keep believing in a person who has already given up on oneself because no matter how hard you try and how much time and energy you invest in them until they learn to love themself and believe in themself your time and energy are not being invested, just being wasted and I know this may sound wrong to the ears of people who have trouble loving themselves but I was a person who didn't love herself before and I know a lot of my friends wasted their energy and time on me only to get hurt in return most of the time and things never sailed smoothly between us until I learned to love myself.