• the_story_weed 22w

    They said let your feelings flow,
    so I picked up a pen.
    And here I am, writing your name.
    Over, and over again.

    Over these past years,
    I have grown so close to you,
    that even your name has become a feeling;
    So why not let you flow tonight?

    Maybe my wounds will heal,
    maybe they won't.
    Maybe my mind will get used
    to hearing your name,
    maybe it won't.
    But who cares, I will let you flow tonight.

    And tonight who knows,
    it might not be like the other nights.
    Yes, the moon will still be there,
    the stars will still shine.
    And yes, like every other night,
    tonight also, the breeze will blow my hair,
    when I look through the window
    and see nothing but despair.

    But maybe today,
    you'll flow enough for me
    not to feel anything tomorrow.
    Or maybe you'll still remain,
    for me to remember you
    everyday, every night,
    every minute and every passing second.

    Honey, you might not know
    but with every breath,
    you've become a little less mine
    and I, a little more yours.


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    --F L O W--

    Tonight I'll definitely let you flow.
    Just to make sure tomorrow
    I become hollow.
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