• amisbahudeen 10w


    We're desperate for more we're blind to blessings
    We're too hungry to see, the many things we have
    We're too full to remember, the long way we've come
    We're so blessed to recall, the time we had nothing at all

    But really,
    It's a good thing, to always look to get better
    It's not bad, to attempt to multiply what we've got
    It's all right, to not want to remain the same
    It's decent, to want to look back and see how far we've come

    But we don't have to be desperate about it
    We don't have to lose ourselves in it
    We don't have to be hell-bent about it

    We shouldn't forget the many reasons to be grateful
    We shouldn't only be about the moment, there's more to life than the present
    There's no need to take desperate steps, do what you do and do it well!