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    FRESKO Leads Nigerian Business Industries in the Sustainability Switch.

    FRESKO Leads Nigerian Business Industries in the Sustainability Switch.

    Fresko is a start-up Nigerian Company that specializes in making 100% organic and healthy drinks, it is a sub-brand of TORFA WHOLEFOODS LTD.

    The Fresko sub-brand has been in the business of providing 100% organic smoothie for about a year now and has always been about the desire to better the world in its own little way by ensuring/encouraging healthy consumption just as its parent brand.

    This year the company took the bold step of shifting to 100% biodegradable cups, straws and packs in order to encourage and fore-run the race of preserving Mother Earth in this part of the world.

    It has not been an easy route so far based on the fact that the biodegradable packaging are about twice the cost of its plastic alternative and therefore has affected regular sales in certain ways, the company has for the reason of its core values decided to stay on this track and re-strategize where necessary still making sure that its provides the best in organic smoothie and drinks.

    “As a company we hope to see other companies in our field and even beyond such as: automobile industries, Energy and so on take steps like this in other to save Mother Earth.”

    Yours Truly,
    Victor Itodo
    C.E.O Torfa Wholefoods Ltd.

    CREDITS: The Paper Packaging Company