• she_d_r_e_a_m_ 6w

    Guys whether you understand this or.. Not..
    What ever.... just say (aameen)
    Who know ab ki ek dua se kisi ki zindagi badal sakti hai..

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    ««No words to describe»»

    There are some moments in life which cannot desribe
    Even most of the memories can't describe too
    But when memorising them... Its beautiful
    But when memorising the worst part of life
    It's utter worst.. Like its most fearable
    Everyone has past.. Right?
    But some persons aren't.. Aren't they lucky
    See if you have a bad past..
    Then we can't deny it..
    When you have past... We can't help it.. Or
    We can't even sympathise you
    Because you know what... Its really painful for them who are having a worst past.. Or living worst in present... Its really painful.. Can't describe!
    Ya Allah please un sob ko.. Aram aata farma.. (aameen)