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    The solution to most of our problems.
    The strength to fight all the difficulties.

    You have to heal the scar left behind by the tears you wept.
    You have to let go all that is holding u back.
    You have places to go, destination to reach.
    You have so much to explore. Don't you?
    NO..Don't give up. "DON'T GIVE UP".

    You might not have got the love you deserve yet
    But let me tell you, you have souls to touch
    Those which are starving from hunger,
    starving for love,
    starving for that little hope.

    Come on. Wipe ur tears.
    Bring back the crescent moon on ur face.
    Bring back the twinkle in ur eyes.
    Coz you have to spread smiles, sprinkle them.

    And your inspiration should be those smiles,
    Those innocent smiles,
    Those beautiful smiles that shine even in the most dreadful situation.

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    Oh dear,
    You never understood the magic of your smile.