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    Live our lives

    Sometimes we feel as though the world is against us. Against everything that we are, against everything we stand for. And sometimes when we try to become the kind of person it wants us to be, we lose ourselves in it without realizing. After so long of shaping ourselves into this perfect person that everyone wants us to be we leave behind who we truly are. And one day when we go home and lie in our beds after someone told us we’re still not enough, we then realize that we aren’t even enough for ourselves. We realize that doing all this pretending is never going to satisfy ourselves but we’ve forgotten who we truly are and we feel stuck. We feel as though we’re trapped and the only thing we can do is keep walking through this maze we call life until we reach yet another dead end.
    If we just forget about all the expectations and the need to please others then maybe we can began to really live the life we want. Maybe we can wear the clothes we want and eat whatever we want and go wherever we want and be whoever we want to to be. Only thing is first we have to let go of what we think is the right way to live and begin to live the way we want to live. We have to learn that no matter how much the world wants to control every little thing we do, if we don’t let it, it won’t. Let’s start living the way we’ve always wanted to, let’s do it together.

    - shaniyah ©kittythebest1