• poetviviyanniki 10w

    Time Speaks

    I stood! Grown. Letting go. Inner emotions. Content. I smiled. I Laughed. And took a serious note. Notes. This will pass! I am alive. Alhamdullilah. Blessed. Creator, given, strengthen lessons. Let's create PROUD. Most of all, smile through. We got this. Much gratitude!
    Gratitude for this chance.
    A life. To create. From passion. Air. Reflects. Well. The stars, moon, fire. Warmth. Crisp air! Holding you, mending our drums. Sings, melodies, that connect. Sweet.
    This life. Is a given star. Many lessons surround us, are we listening? Listen with a full content heart. Spirit thrives. When nature thrives. Walk your path full.
    -Vivian. ViviyanNiki