• the_witty_writer 45w

    My Angel

    Yes, you are my sister by heart,
    And by your side, I would never depart.
    ‌We my fight, argue or quarrel alot,
    But yet, we are the best of the slot.

    I know I am insane at times,
    But you are my inspiration of adoring rhymes.
    Out of so many people in this world,
    You are the one only there, when I am whirled.

    Yet, you are something beyond my sister,
    My bestfriend, my sole caretaker.
    Yet another reason behind my smile,
    You are the one, I cant loose for a while.

    I may not show it, but I do care,
    ‌Your adoring love is worth a stare.
    Who says angel don't exsist here around,
    Look at you! One of the angels, amidst whom my world is bound.