• elanchezhiyan 10w

    For someone special

    Heyy candy
    I was sailing with just a hope to find a special pearl in that sea but I may have found the most sweetest candy in this world.
    You are a girl who twinned me , you are a girl whoose smile created a lott happiness in me than anyone and made me blush after ages, so tell me what supernatural power you have got mam?.
    You are a girl with whom I may have really felt each and every smile emoji creating a real smile.
    You are a girl who really induced a electricity in me for every second I talk to you .
    I don't know weather its due to electric discharge or due to smile discharge...

    But now I feel a happiness with you which is soo new to me mam,
    Now the light which touched your eyes may reach me soon one day ,
    But on that day there may exist the most limitless smile on my face.

    O dear lord , I may hereby thank you for considering me and giving me this greatest boon, to get the most tastiest candy, I wish you shall never take it from me god.
    I may need no other candy in my life but I want this candy forever.
    This candy is a candy written for me , so this candy will be with me for ever ever and ever....♥️
    To my one and only candy
    Who may really be the result of my wish during the passing of a comet☄️