• sruthi_sethu 23w

    Addicted to Praise

    The brain needs a pat on his back,
    Every time he works great
    Every time he shows off.
    He's never satisfied.
    He craves for it more
    And then a little more..

    Then the body's made to run
    But things never get done
    For the works need to be fine
    Obsession for perfection, in time.

    And yet when he craves for more:
    The works which were once for fun
    Turns into a race,
    A track which never ends,
    One that's designed to consume the soul and
    One that's extinguished the human purpose in whole.
    The rules now don't matter any more,
    For players have gone ruthless to reach their goal.

    We've turned to fools with a fat brain
    Delusioned and in daze,
    Working for a raise
    And living for a praise.
    Striving for an illusional future,
    When the present's just left to drain.

    Realize this addiction that the world has now gained,
    Coz It's always:
    Better late than Never:"To Change!"