• feelingstosay 5w

    Broken heart

    I used to love you so much,
    But you have cheated on me
    I remember that day when you porposed me at the first time,
    That was an special eve to me
    That time has stopped to me,
    When u used to fight for me.
    When u care me, think about me,
    When u encourage me to be the best,
    Every time which i have spent with U all were like an occasion to me,
    But suddenly what happened to you,
    Why did you leave me alone at the silent route?
    What was my mistake?
    Am I not deserve to u?
    There's a million question arise in my heart,
    But all of my doubts suddenly goes away somehow,
    When i found u with other girl,
    That was a time which broke me completely emotionally,but I didn't tell you about this all,
    Than .....
    In every, every breath, every hour i was afraid
    That don't I loose u,
    There was no problem to me when u were not talking me, not replying me, not careing me,
    I could survive even in long distance relationship,
    Bt you made me cry, a lot alot and lot,
    There was a hoping that our future will be survival,
    Bt u made me crazy, and a bigger hazzy,
    And after this fever i survive,
    Want to forget every thing, bt that every thing killing me from inside,
    Baby baby tell what to do?
    I knew everthing how u became flirty to others , how u went close to her,
    But I ignore all these,
    I was stupid, I was crazy, I was blind,
    That was my mistake that I trusted u, u abused me , bt I did,nt mind, u were rude
    Bt I was soft to u, that is all my fault
    And i feel so bad to me....cause u were hurting me and i was silent.... I was fool..