• cheeesywraps 5w

    What an argue I had with someone; which I still need to win.
    I did not enjoy writing this.
    #Temporary #Let'sTalkAboutIt

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    Most things are temporary
    Most is closer to Everything, right?
    Well, then

    Everything is temporary
    Temporary has been on my mind for a few days now
    I'm speaking as if Temporary is someone reading his limited presence out loud
    I'm speaking on behalf of Temporary not willing to take a vow:
    I wish Temporary could stay a little longer as
    I take a bow
    And keep my head to the ground to beg It to
    admit it's foul
    Really, we need to make a sound
    Bigger than an urgent scream ever reaching bound
    For all of the bad things, I was relieved that It pulled out all the stops
    The sad thing is It reaching the stop sign, shock!

    Everything is temporary
    Yes I'm exclaiming shock, because of disbelief in a forever clock
    I'm happy for what I'm getting and receiving
    And announcing it to the world like I'm a reporter, wow
    Now I have to give it back, like takers we have to deport it
    I sort of hate and love this world
    I have to make up my mind, yes I have to sort it
    Just a remind urhhh
    Everything is temporary
    It's value: we cannot afford it
    That's why we need to be careful and be cautious
    Not to get lost in reality and force It
    Temporary and Time, just please join forces!