• trina_ganguly 51w


    Hello, My love!
    All throughout my life, am supposed to be a symbol of comprising, sacrificing, ideal woman who lives her life for others. Am supposed to be someone, who doesn't ask question and merely follow. Am supposed to be an embodiment of calmness serenity and tranquility and obedience, who follows the norms. But, my dearest love, the air of supposition and expectations strangle me, kill my every dream and longings, suppress my every urge to break through. Did u realize, this air isn't mine...it's yours, your father's and his. But mine. The truth is my complacency is just a facade. The wildness is just a moment away to break free. You see, you didn't realize that my love is not red red roses...it's much more. It's dollops of lush colours of blue, green, yellow, orange and many more. It's gushes of rejuvenating fresh air, wild like storm, calm like breeze, pleasant like drizzles and yet as strong as the Sun!
    Did u realize? Your dominance, your chauvinism and your propensity to subjugate me has prevented you from maturing. Therefore, I leave you. Because my love is not red red roses....it's much more.

    From, the lady who pitied you and was never yours.