• nowherexplorer 5w


    The glory was peeping through the dust of time ,eager to scratch the dirt off the scars which were the sole witness of hardship they had gone through, wind blown dust swiped off and leather was sparkling as it was going to lift the curtain up from an untold story of glorious hardships .
    I am the BOOT , a true companion of a recruit turning into a soldier , a soldier turning into a warrior and also an honored martyr. My adventurous expedition begins with selection of fine piece of leather and its true comrade the super tough but gentle its soulmate the SOLE , but the fate has planned to pour me in the cocktail of bitterness , toughness , celebrations , spices of emotions of a squeaky recruit who holds me at very first day of entering in his alma matter of war-craft .
    Siren roars..ahh its morning my thin pal is rushing here n there in search of my make over kit THE POLISH , first time ever am introduced to it and then comes the gigantic brush n rubbed over me again n again causing goosebumps to me , I can smell the upcoming storm.
    Yes, I was right my squeaky friend wears me by fastening my moustaches , I mean my poor laces n rushes to the drill spot where my strength was ought to be tested in great presence of the tyrant instructors , I was literally shivering but my soulmate was holding me tightly , I could feel the soft fingers of my squeaky pal as they were begging for the mercy..but the very next moment an explosion of words came shouting RUN n the war began between sole n concrete I was holding the feet tightly n murmuring to my dear pal don’t let it go , u have to flow like wind , he gazes at me as he wishes to say something , I looked back him saying yes I am with you n then came those thorny bushes who had been placing an ambush to us , I experienced a sudden quick drift n rough landing Bang! I was in a state of shock …soon I got the scratch therapy from one of those bloody bushes. I looked up n then continued to stare upon the diminishing final line..my buddy was on final lap..he was draining like anything I could feel the warm sweat entering in my cabin thus we made a sweat bond with each other he didn’t quit and pushed himself to extreme , this was the first step of transformation of a squeaky timid recruit to strong robust soldier . We accompanied each other everywhere whether it was mess or playground , sometimes when he would become emotional while reading letters that came from his town I was there to catch his tiny tears falling towards the ground , they appeared like pearl to me when a beam of light passed through them.
    Daily I used to get scars on my body but they didn’t hurt me as I witnessed my buddy gradually turning into a responsible soldier.
    The judgment day came when I n my buddy were passing the FINAL Line by digging the heels in the ground n marching like a true decorated warrior with his head held high bracing the chest up n overwhelming with proud n honor , my leather was sparkling like crystal I was feeling the warmth of my sole n I too had become much more responsible n mature during these days at my buddy’s alma matter.
    The fate has written much more in my life book , I was deployed with my buddy to one of the sectors where war was on I got the chance to experience the bitterness of mankind , the bomb explosions, the casualties , explosive mines, they were horrifying but my buddy has now turned into a magnificent warrior , he was always ready to risk his life in the name of his motherland, he was sent to various missions I always accompanied him everywhere taking care of his legs who were his morale that resulted to in various victories , but one fine day when I was accompanying him in one of his regular missions that were in woods, I was recollecting my memories of bushes during my training days…n he was advancing swiftly like a pro…suddenly I heard an unusual sound of bullet tearing the shield of air…n I felt something dripping over me..oh my god that was my buddy’s warm pure blood covering my face so that I could not see clearly what was happening , but I felt the shivering of fingers , the palpitation of nerves , he was struggling between life and death , I could feel his breath which was going heavier , the whole journey of mine revolved in front of my eyes , I was loosing my buddy , I was crying but the blood covered my tears…in the fraction of second I felt that the warmth was no more in the body…the name of my buddy was replaced by “DEAD BODY” , he died as a warrior , I got the honor to be a best buddy of an honored martyr. I was given to his family along with his uniform, days passed, years have passed…the scars of glory are still alive beneath the dust of time singing their lonely song , remembering the glorious war cries….