• fadedspeckofsunlight 50w


    Looking under the stars
    As the raindrops fell down
    The only thing I thought
    If only an umbrella I had brought
    It had become quite late
    But who knows the fate
    There came walking she
    Looking at me
    Asked if I would share the shield
    I was quite surreal
    But when we walked down the street
    We had come far way so as to greet
    I had sparks flowing through my heart
    Telling not to take it too far
    With a slight delay of time
    There she was holding my hand
    A gentle stare and I knew this would happen
    There it was her lips on the place
    Where they were meant since I saw her
    If only this could be true
    I thought to myself
    After I knew,
    That the beautiful scene
    Was only a mere dream