• lady_witch 5w

    In zephyr of love
    She danced shimmery
    Illuming so higher
    Poured beauty to sky,

    Desires of sky
    Counted the vastness
    Preferred twinkly zillions
    Instead of her love,

    Streaking the night
    She choses a kind
    Fallen herself
    Dominating lights divine,

    Counting heaven's expanse
    Held infinite meadows
    In conformity of wills
    Symbolised"make a wish"....

    Thanks a ton for ur very first repost...
    Uh made my night...can't ever forget...
    Captured precious memory...❤��❤
    Thank uh so so so much again for this really unexpected surprise...@writersnetwork

    #stars #shootingstars#makeawish
    @mirakee @writersnetwork

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    The sky is not your
    never means this
    land don't belongs to you,
    Create your own space
    shine as you want!!!!

    You could be
    enlighten till eternity
    Just"Make a wish".....