• rishuyadav 5w


    1 〰️ Politicians *divide* us,
    Terrorists "units" us..

    2 〰️ Everyone is in hurry ,
    But *no one* reaches in time..

    3 〰️ Priyanka Chopra earned
    More money playing
    *Mary kom*, than tha mary kom
    Earned in her entire carrier..

    4 〰️ It's dangerous to talk to a
    *Stranger*, but it is
    perfectly Ok to marry one..

    5 〰️ Most people who fight over
    *Gita & Quran*, have probably
    never read any of than..

    6 〰️ We rather spend more
    on our Daughter's
    *Wedding* than on her *education*..

    7 〰️ The *Shoes* that we wear are
    sold in air conditioned show room ,
    The *Vegetables* hat we eat are
    sold on tha footpaths..

    8 〰️ *Most* of the guys you have been
    Ignored by girl's in young age ,
    possesses actually the nicest
    better husband material..

    9 〰️ We live in a country where seeing a
    *Policeman* makes us nervous
    rather than feeling safe..

    10 〰️ In an IAS exam , person writers a
    brilliant 1500 words essay about how
    dowry is a social evil and
    *Crack the exam* by impressing everyone
    One year later same person demands
    a dowry in crores , Because he is an
    IAS officer..

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