• bhartisharma_ 9w

    A hope

    One fine night , I was sitting at my window side
    Not because I love to see outside
    Just because it was a matter of cold vibes.
    Some cars attracted me towards them.
    Number of them were passing by.
    I hope to see similar cars, to the one I used to see in the place where I belong.
    Not thinking about their dentures,
    I continued to watch them curiously.
    A sudden thought diverted my car of happiness down into be emotional.
    That thought, was not just thought.
    It was the feeling , I was hiding from everyone since so long.
    I wish that one of car could take me back to the place I belong.
    Without thinking anything
    Without backing my bag
    Without the passport
    Without the ticket
    Without anyone
    With the breeze
    With the wind
    With the birds
    With the clouds
    That everything which could take me back to the place I belong.
    I will thank that everything.
    But what is the purpose?
    Irony comes aside.
    I have to control my feelings.
    I have to control my vibes.
    I have control my thoughts.
    And let that car passby.