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    The Scripture For Today!

    The Scripture For Today!

    2nd October 2019

    James 4:8. “Draw nigh to God, and he will draw nigh to you. Cleanse your hands, ye sinners; and purify your hearts, ye double minded.”

    As Children of God, standardly you should have a relationship with your Heavenly Father, your creator. Be it a close, close intimate relationship wear you tell him all your fears, troubles, heartache, and cries, or you just simple talk to him, talk to him through out the day. Either Ither, you have a relationship with God. You listen to him, he talks to you! You talk to him, he listens to you, both way communication. God talks you listen, YOU talk God listens.Today make it a point to draw nearer to God, talk to him more, listen to him more, trust and obey him more, and last but not least depend, and rely on him more, request his presence daily, pray to God. These are ways to develop your personal relationship with God. Do endeavor to draw near to God today, and daily, and trust, believe as you do so, he will draw near to you. If you have not a personal relationship with God, and you are a Christian, start today! There is no time like the present.

    The scripture for today let you know to purify your hearts, don't be double minded. To stop sinning, (turn away from sin). If this is talking to you, you can pray about it, cleans your mind with Gods word, read scripture about sin, and being double minded. People perish for the lack of knowledge, and live less than.

    Today start to read your Bible more, doing what it says. Start with this scripture devotional suggestion, and verse. Cleanse yourself with the word read it, and be ye transformed into the image of Christ, ye Children of God.

    Read your Bible, Pray, Keep the faith, and draw near to God.

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