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    A drizzling breeze most imperceptible
    strolls by your cheeks, your head outside
    — a moving car,
    rolling past —
    this midnight city's waking sleep
    under dim yellow-orange glows
    under street-lamps with mossy shades
    of yin-yang stripes, bedecked they are
    enrobed by looming storeys still
    with windows dark — no signs of life
    yet you hear, collective pulses of that sleeping breath
    diffused about over empty roads, no destination
    shall they offer you, no resting place
    the lane and street is place itself, yet
    you may stop the car—
    to lie on it, to gaze at what
    little respite the stars offer — in glimpses
    through the settling smog
    or you may stop, by some shy street side
    infront of apartments, windows' curious wink
    under fading lit, orange pumpkin bulbs
    in criss-cross lines, a decorated lane
    with that sleepless ATM booth, tad bit out of place
    in partial shadows — of those nameless trees
    beside flickering signboards, with fading smiles
    a quiet of purpose, that enshrouds
    My fragile reflections, no purpose they seek
    just reflections, like that speckled gleam
    the bridge-lights subtly, over the river paint
    while the few crawlers crawl, from the night-life hives
    going about their amusing ways
    around parks and fields, empty battlegrounds
    they look, in slow-paced looming dark,
    and only places, where footfalls sound,
    hospitals, burning ghats, death and disease thrive
    or intoxicated urchins, in their jumbled jive
    or empty temples, beggars, priests survive,
    such are flavors
    closing diners leave, with tea-stalls
    brewing harmonious blend
    with shutters shut,
    the flavors spread, seated in
    hired cabs in fleets,
    flavors past twelve
    a midnight city simmers and bakes.

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    A picture of Kolkata at midnight
    Image credits - achefstour.com

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    A City past Midnight