• spaceykc 27w

    Waiting for the day for you to come
    Would you take a paci or would you suck your thumb
    Would you have blue eyes like me
    Wonder what color your hair would be
    I was impatiently waiting for you
    Planning our bond and all the things we could do
    I knew you would look up to me
    I would try hard to be the best sister I could be
    Little did I know the future wouldn't be that way
    You were coming but you couldnt stay
    We couldnt change problems that our family had
    My heart was broken I was more than juat sad
    All of my hoping and praying for a little brother
    You would go to a new family and my heart would suffer
    I tried really hard to accept and understand
    I couldnt watch you grow from a boy into a man
    There were many nights in anguish I wept
    I tried to be at peace and tried to accept
    I know now that with them is were you were supposed to be
    Yet over the time we lost I cant help but still grieve
    The day came for you to arrive
    I had to see you and try hard not to cry
    Some people thought it would be better if didnt
    It might be too difficult leave wounds unmended
    I was determined i wouldn't give up
    I needed you to feel my big sister love
    You were kinda sick and you seemed really scared
    I wondered if my touch would show you I cared
    You were screaming and crying you just wouldn't hush
    I reached out and you knew your big sister's touch
    You wrapped your tiny hand around mine
    For a moment the world stopped and everything was fine
    The nurse looked up and seemed surprised
    No attempt she made had silenced your cries
    I knew insided we bonded right then
    Even if I never got to see you again
    That memory I've held so close to my heart
    That you somehow knew i loved you from the start
    Life separated your life and mine
    But nothing could separate love not even father time