• theinkjar 6w

    I was playing near that dark room,
    Elders were saying not to go near it,
    I dont understand why!
    But my mind tells me to go there.

    The door opened and fell inside the room.
    It was too dark for me to see
    And the room was too small for me to fit into.
    I was two year old kid now waiting for my parents to find me that I am inside with all the hope that they would bring me light.

    It was getting darker,my stomach was growling and I was feeling thirsty.
    With all the energy that my body can produce ,I was holding on my emotions of fear and pain.
    The only thing that I can take in was hope.

    Early morning they said..my mom crying and saying that she will bring in help further far to bring me out of the room.
    I gave a little "hmm" with all the energy that I have to give hope to my mom that I am alive inside.

    People bring in my favourite big toys(rig machines) to play and bring me out. I can guess it from the noise outside. My mind wanders in excitement that I will see the light soon.

    A rope comes falls on my hand, they try pulling me out. I can feel only pain on my body because of the rocks piercing through me.

    They rope got loosened from me.. My toys then started making loud noises. I can hear it as an echo inside the room..

    All of a sudden vibrations were there inside the room that I rented myself for a day..
    I started falling further inside.
    The sounds and vibrations made me to fall further by deforming me.

    I lost hope there watching my soul leaving my little body.
    Up there in the sky I prayed to God to help these people to see me one last time without leaving me in the room that I didn't like.

    People found me dead with the foul smell that came from the room. Now they pulled me swiftly out and closed me so others need not be afraid on seeing me.

    I was making down dreams and memories with all the hope inside . Once I come out and I grow up I wanted to share the experience with my brother . But he didn't notice me that I went missing.

    To all the people out there ! I am happy now with the Almighty. Close the doors of these rooms so that my brothers and sisters will not fall down and come up here to play with me.

    PS: It is an imagination of how the little kid would have felt inside the borewell hole.


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