• kaz_ishmael 9w


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    Girl, I don’t know your name
    Saw you in the park playing a game
    And from that day I’m not the same
    Deep in my heart, you start a flame

    Girl, I think about you all of the time
    You’re always on my mind
    Girl no matter what I do
    Morning, noon and night I think of you

    Cupid with his arrow takes his aim
    And in my heart love stake its claim
    And this wild lion is now tame
    My love for you I now exclaim

    Girl from the time I see your face
    My heart begins to race
    Feels like I’m floating in out of space
    Shouting I love you all over the place

    Girl, you caught me like a bird
    And I don’t want to leave your cage
    Just like a book or a bottle of wine
    Perfections come only when it age

    Girl now in heaven angels are few
    Because down to earth God sent you
    Marry me and say I do
    Will cook for you and make bar be Que

    Girl every word I say is true
    Will always be in love with you
    For as long as the sky is blue
    And the morning brings mystic dew

    Girl, you better tell your, family
    That they must get used to seeing me
    Cause every day will be in your gallery
    Begging them for you to marry me

    You're like an apple I want to bite
    You're like the moon in the night
    You’re the sun that shines so bright
    Girl everything about you is out of sight

    Girl please gives me a chance
    To fill your life with love and romance
    Don’t have to worry bout finance
    Take you for dinner to Paris in France

    Girl whatever weather’s on the chart
    Will never pause to restart
    Will love you till death do us part
    And even then you will never leave my heart