• barasiya__ 10w

    //You gotta dance like you are diving a fairytale,
    And you are living with unicorns
    And step mothers , daddys, brothers and sisters
    And glass sandels, right sure.

    //Washing dishes, and brooming the floor,
    You made it to strive through more
    I can see you tapping at the door
    By the midnight moon, right sure.

    //You know I saw the dish falling,
    Off your hand, and breaking into pieces
    You freaked in silence, but noticed not
    Your breaking heart that didn't sew even in silence.

    //Okay, the lady out of the fruit pulp,
    Stand right beside the lamp post
    I saw you stand beside but refuse to change
    Why did you?

    //Would you sweep the floor for the rest of life?
    And not be the princess of that royal palace?
    You got magic, you got courage
    You got power and so much of rage.

    //You got to get the prince
    You got that life
    You got to eat those fruits
    You only had cut all through, with your knife.

    //Abstract was the word I told,
    Your world was more deep
    You got colors and magic as well
    But painted it in your lip.

    //You could have fought with the world
    Or the family you live in
    You might had golden hairs
    But let them stay tied and tucked with a pin.

    //You needed to pay off the household,
    A women all like you does
    You might nit fight the world
    Your silence though, causes buzz.

    //I saw you coming back,
    Broken heart and laid in thoughts
    All that lips smiled for you
    But that eyes are not worth the sew.

    //And after all the clothes done
    You go and sleep for the sun
    I saw you dreaming of the shoes
    And eating fruits and wearing the dress you choose!

    ~Barasiya Ghosh

    @writersnetwork @mirakee #pod

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