• sudrip 5w

    This poem is written in memory of a pristine lake which is located near by my college, which is still now lapping with that same spirit & vigour i.e, simply Unpausable. Till date, It is alive with lots of memories, emotions, historical moments & bodily connections that whenever we or a person come in contact with its soulful atmosphere, it just make everyone feel anew & special , brings you that nostalgia that you hardly find somewhere & often looking for.... Not the least, I consider it's existence & presence with the holy paradise lake which might be an eternal creation of the almighty to Salvage the polluted & restrained lives of the humans , living nearby & across the city.... #Writersnetwork #mirakee

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    A Poem written by the College Lakeside

    I wonder at that pristine beauty,
    which has enchanted my lonely heart;
    Sitting beside the serene lakeside,
    I'm listening to some Evening Bird;
    Ahh! that evergreen hallow holt over there;
    which lies captivating my eyes, as a paradise,
    Has refined my cult for "The Damsel Nature",
    Followed by dusk, the moon has risen high,
    alike pearl of a deep sea, in the evening sky;
    With murmuring of beetles & chirrups of lapwings,
    ambience has been altered by the strange & eerie;
    Yonder that shaggy shore, I can see her spirit,
    walking alone with a pale face, seemingly sad;
    As If she has lost her lover far ago, in an unrest;
    The tired fishermen are now set to return back , after the day's end with vain gears & paltry hap;
    Night, which has now widened to another height;
    Which has also arrested the light,
    created anew silence over this vast gap;
    With the hymns of the slow winds &,
    With the lures of the Autumn Clematis,
    still I can feel the resounding wails of the lake;
    That the sound of it's water has no cadence-break,
    I wish! The Almighty is omnipresent here to keep it awake,
    as to provide the ultimate salvation for the human sake.


    © Sudrip