• olubunmiebun 6w

    I was on an online group a couple of years ago. It was a ladies group. And people on the group who had been sexually abused were told to share their stories. Close to two hundred ladies or more, out of 256 ladies on the group had a story to tell.

    From uncles to stepfathers, friends, pastors, neighbours, who violated their rights. I remember crying so hard. I couldn't help it. Some stories literally pulled tears from my eyes.

    The truth is most females around you have a sexual abuse story to share, but they can't.

    Somehow, we grew up thinking it's wrong to talk about these things. For fear of being told to not tell anyone. For fear of being told to keep shut. For fear of being blamed for it happening. For fear of being asked, "Why did you too go there?". For fear of being told, "Your dress too was skimpy or you shouldn't have gone out at night". For fear of being accused of lying. For fear of being tagged " the one who destroyed the family". For fear of being told, "it is pastor o, you will ruin the church"

    And the fear that the society created in us took our voices. Fear made us go to all lengths to keep a story that we should be sharing. The blame you throw at us makes us keep it in till we just can't take it anymore. And gradually, we keep losing our voice on things like this.

    But we will find our voice. We are finding our voice.
    And when we do. The blame you give, the fear you instill, won't stop us. Not even the universe can stop us!