• _tiyasa_ 6w

    Love is the most overused and overrated word!

    (I may sound judgemental in following lines but can't help)
    A 10 year old child is nowadays with the tag , "In love." And, I about to touch 18 , still could not define love in just a sentence!
    "Love" has many friends like "Fate","Lust","Loss","Hate" even "Life."
    But ya, Love has double standards!!! Man!!
    Some with love #couple_goals
    Some with love #depression_goals
    And there is a section in between them #confused
    Like Attraction misjudged as Attachment
    Lust misjudged as Love!
    Sometimes, I feel like, are they twins?(hahaha)
    You know what, Love is married to Respect. Having affair with Responsibility. Flirting with Lust. Dating with Loyalty. At last, partying, working, playing with Humans!!
    Don't you all think we love "Love", its feelings and not really the stuffs associated with it?
    Love defines all forms of noun, pronoun, adjective, adverb But who, how, where, what defines Love!?