• alaminmiah 5w


    The dinging of rain,
    Oh it's raining out
    And the bright sunny days ,
    Are shaded under the clouds,
    As the dusk brings a rain
    Of tears of joy of pleasures.
    Buried memories stitched together
    The sound of the strings of which the yarn is made.
    Pain and love lasts forever,
    Says each drop falling on my head.
    The pages of the lost book,
    Are wetted under the rain.
    Oh you left the book on the ground,
    Unintentionally that's what you say,
    I saw the green grass decomposing the pain.
    Oh you darling you are none to me,
    The pages of our love are lost,
    And the book, the yarn all have no meaning now
    If you knew the day waited for your love,
    If only you knew the dusk was waiting for you,
    To bring the rain, the pain with you
    And the rain falls upon me,
    If only we were us and not scribbled faces of past.