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    Based on Rebel Inc. and some decade old news

    Afternote: (Most of everything is anonymous)
    On [MONTH] ●●, 20●●, soldiers have desicively defeated the ●●●● strong enemy force and have retaken the city of [CITY'S NAME] after a ●● month siege.

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    A Speech to the Warrior

    Recall the men who died on that day
    remember that city besieged and lain to ruin.
    Do not dishearten and cower before them
    but fear them and oppose them,
    those of their kind who would oppress you
    and rob you of your freedom.
    Do it not for the person next to you,
    not for the one you consider your rival
    nor the weak among you who do little but fear and stand idle
    but do this as a brother, as a husband, as a son
    as a father would to protect those whom he loves
    from those who seek to oppress freedom.
    Do not wait for them to reach the doorway
    of your homes where they will destroy and violate
    your sanctuary and your entire legacy.
    Fear them for they would destroy all that you love,
    oppose them because you should hate them
    and hate them because they fear and know not mercy,
    destroy them as they had tried to destroy you,
    break them for they sought to rob you
    and slay them because they would do the same to you.