• the_searching_soul 22w


    On some days I find
    art filling the last pages
    with weird unmindful patterns and
    I find myself gaping at life-
    the stupid courses it has been
    taking for a while.
    Some days I go out on solo trips
    around the city I have lived for
    over two decades,
    Haha I like telling people that I
    must visit that famous food joint!
    They ask for pictures.
    I say my phone was dead and
    terminate further inquisition.
    They don't know I find art in
    awkward repetition-
    with changed company, oh yes!
    Sometimes while visiting museums
    I ransack for art in ancient fossils
    all decked up in
    pungently-perfumed halls.
    Museums! I like them more than
    lounges with glass doors
    with people sipping customised coffee
    and enjoying life-
    'cause the music inside is Hollywood.

    Mom suggests I must try finding art in a human someday!