• yashraj1912 10w

    Dampened Heart

    Send me a raindrop,
    Poured into your name,
    And I shall soak it in tears,
    To a time that has not been the same,
    The woods howl my chains,
    In the remembrance of an old grave,
    Damp and damned it is,
    Lying in deep, with an aching heart,
    And a messed up mind turned insane.

    Oh I scream,
    Calling out your name,
    But these voices scratch in my skin,
    Turning it cold, turning in pale,
    A blue cover and bloodshot eyes,
    Is all I wear in behind my disguise,
    So send me a raindrop,
    Poured in your name,
    That I close my eyes in reflection of your face.