• trisahalder 5w

    I know, I know, I know
    This comfort spoils me
    Stepping out is me being a fool
    My songs of eternity and blues of my sanity, Prone to fright when my flight
    It all comes crashing down by gravity
    The chain that pulls me with it
    Has been attached to me for years infinity
    This haze lowers my pace
    Good gracious!
    The chain pulled me out of this race
    The race I was never a part of
    Is it not the same as before?
    The facts and memories
    Secrets and my stories
    Of the same sight which I do not quite remember
    Wish I had a bookmark
    Because I’m stuck in an ominous arc
    What is this sudden amnesia?
    The nerve cells that seem somewhat aligned
    The synapse fails to deliver me the impulse
    I sit here holding on to my mind
    I look, I look, I look
    Look for everything that reminds me
    Everything I once knew about
    Nothing, I see nothing
    For once, Show me the light, I will now wait here as I long for a path
    The path that drives me in
    The path that welcomes me in
    Guess I waited too long
    I sigh
    But the chain turns elastic now
    How far can I go now?
    Drenched in sweat I try to look up
    My symphony is all that I hear
    Open the door for me


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