• sheknowsitpoet 5w


    My mama I have entered the world
    There is so much to see and do
    I cry in the darkness of the night because I am not sure of all that is new
    It feels strange to be on my own but then you come rushing in
    You soothe my woes and hold me close
    And then a calmness settles over me
    Each year I grow and I learn new things
    You are so patient and so kind
    Never a cross word as you take care of me, with so little that I know
    You brush my hair with such care and I trust your touch
    How lucky am I to have an angel
    On earth to help and watch over me
    I am so small and I can’t do
    Many things but mama you help me
    You don’t pick out my faults and my undoings, my mama you are there every moment of the day.
    Mama, I have grown old now and cannot move very well
    I cannot remember where I left my book
    And sometimes my legs fail me
    I get scared in the dark and feel all alone
    But lay there quiet and still
    Because mama you are not here anymore to love me flaws and all
    I lay there curled up on my bed with knees tucked up into my chest
    Hoping that a heaven exists and that you are there for me to rest against
    My mama I am growing tired of this world
    All aged and slowing down
    But you are not here to show me the ways
    To teach me how I am meant to act
    What should I do when I don’t like the food and they keep putting it in front of me
    What do I say when they won’t listen to me and I just want to scream in their face
    Mama I just want someone to cuddle me and tell me it will be ok
    But nobody is there, everybody is around but nobody like my mama.