• yashwanth_mekala 5w


    I don't know, I don't know,
    Its just moving with time.
    I don't care , I don't care,
    Coz, Iam already broken.
    I saw them while crying ,
    and some with shining .
    I feel troubles rising ,
    and its time to give up.
    I am humiliated, hated, avoided
    Then, I surrendered hopelessly.
    Oh shit ,I tried to suicide ,
    "No, no, no" striked in mind.
    I thought its a dream , made
    by dark space .Death!
    you are my desire.I wanna
    watch the whole life behind.
    I don't wanna care you,
    Iam saying to you emotions .
    Its unique , Its freaking life,
    I choose only smile and silence.
    Broken! Never..
    fail ! doesn't matter.
    happy or sad ! both fuck.
    SMILE ! living for & life for..