• vishworks08 9w


    Alone in a crowd,
    Talking about everything, but silent at heart,
    You'd know the difference, if you're smart.
    The laughter naturally flows as time passes by,
    But the moment you're alone, you want to cry.
    You divert your attention, giving in to the seduction,
    That pointless conversations bring to your mind,
    Feeling ever so restless, you're running out of patience,
    A heartfelt connection is all you pine.
    Talking to someone so aimlessly should be declared a crime!
    It does you a great deal of injustice, giving a false sense that everything is fine.
    You believe your lie, it's all that lets you sleep at night.
    But the pressure keeps building in,
    And erupts at the oddest of times.
    The simplest sentence sets you off, crumbles the dam you so painstakingly built up,
    The floodgates open once again leaving a trail of lingering sorrow in its place.
    It confuses you, this need to be wanted,
    You never craved it before, so why have you started?
    You try to open up, pour out your guts,
    But you already know, no one gives a f***,
    They'll listen and cajole, doing their part, but silently laughing off.
    When will you realise that being selective about people isn't the point.
    There's no one to kiss it better, no one's on your side.
    Grow up and move on, stand up for yourself, put your armour on.
    People will come and people will go, you're your only constant, and let this knowledge show.